Ray Duncan is a musician, composer, and independent artist based in Nashville TN. As composer: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Connecticut Shakespeare Festival 2021;) As You Like It (Scranton Shakespeare Festival;) Much Ado About Nothing (Easy Leap Theatre Company/The Brick;) Othello (Easy Leap Theatre Co/The Underground Lounge.) Musical arrangements: Henry IV (Scranton Shakespeare Radio Plays, 2020.) In addition to composing, Ray does studio backing vocals and has released two EPs, a live album, and several singles with the band Ranchers for Peace. After releasing her debut solo EP “This Road” in 2016, Ray took a few years to hone her craft, and moved to Nashville in early 2019. In 2020 Ray started an R&B swamp-rock duo called New Daddy, and finished recording her sophomore solo EP “Break My Heart” which is now out everywhere.