Ray Duncan is an independent artist based out of Nashville TN. As composer: Much Ado About Nothing (Opera House Arts, 2022;) A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Connecticut Shakespeare Festival 2021;) As You Like It (Scranton Shakespeare Festival;) Much Ado About Nothing (Easy Leap Theatre Company/The Brick;) Othello (Easy Leap Theatre Co/The Underground Lounge.) Musical arrangements: Henry IV (Scranton Shakespeare Radio Plays, 2020.)

Born in Cambria, California, Ray has been performing all her life. At 16 she formed the duo Ranchers for Peace with her father, songwriter Charles Duncan. After releasing her debut solo EP “This Road” in 2016, Ray moved to Nashville in 2019, where she works as a background singer and freelance composer. She also co-hosts podcast “Book of Jude,” a series of conversations between her and her mother, songwriter Jude Johnstone. In 2020 Ray formed R&B/swamp-rock duo New Daddy with songwriter Stefbbaby, and finished recording her EP “Break My Heart.” She is now celebrating the release of her new single “Don’t let it get to you,” available everywhere.